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Hellenic Australian Consulting Services provides a range of services to Greek citizens who are interested in work and study opportunities in Australia.

The current Greek economic crisis has had significant impact on work opportunities in Greece and the Greek economy as a whole. The crisis has resulted in growing unemployment, austerity measures and uncertainty about the future. There are however many opportunities for Greek Citizens abroad with work and study options available. Many Greeks are now considering the opportunities available to them in Australia.

Australia is currently experiencing a skills shortage and needs skilled workers. In a report in the daily Telegraph, the skills shortage is described as: "The country is again experiencing a national skills shortage, with builders, engineers and tradespeople in high demand, a report says.

The research paper, launched today by leading recruitment company Clarius, will claim the surplus of skilled workers that formed during the global financial crisis has started to recede at an alarming pace, with 17 of the 20 skilled occupation categories experiencing a sharp drop in labour in the last three months of last year" (www.news.com.au, 1/2/2010).

Further, "Australia's strong employment growth is set to continue throughout 2011 and will lead to an acute skills shortage across all markets, according to a Global Salary Survey recently compiled by international recruitment consultancy Robert Walters" (http://www.robertwalters.com, 4/2/2011). BBM outline: "A LOOMING skills crisis will force Queensland to look to overseas migration to supply thousands of skilled workers.

This shortage is the result of a booming mining industry and the imminent retirement of waves of baby boomers, and flies in the face of growing calls for migration caps.

The lack of skills has already led to an admission from the mining sector that some coal mines could be forced to close because of a lack of highly qualified safety officers who must be on site at all hours of operation.

It's expected that more than 4.4 million workers will be needed nationally over the next 15 years simply to replace retiring baby boomers, while another 4.8 million workers will be needed to deal with the growth." (http://bbmlive.com, 14/4/2011).

Australia's economy is one of the strongest in the world and the unemployment level is one of the world's lowest. Australia offer good wages, a fair and transparent system of government and genuine opportunities for advancement. Greek nationals have much to gain by working or studying in Australia. Australia welcomes and rewards young, skilled workers and students who travel to its shores.

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